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About Us
About Us
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For your good option, you have the right to know the history of this house.
In 1939 he began his activity as a repair and bicycle rental shop for pedaling with facilities to face the national road (Braga - Ponte de Lima), at the crossing of the Corvos, being owned by D. César Antonio da Rocha Nascimento. In August 1949 he moved to the new facilities about 200 meters from the direction of Vila Verde, taking the name "GARAGEM ROCHA". 26 years later (1973), this house moved to its current headquarters at 250 meters from the crossing of the Corvos, towards Vila Verde, taking the name of "CASA ROCHA de Arlindo Pereira da Rocha". In these two years (1973-1974), given the demand for our services, several workshops were created with the same name, with independent management. The year 1977 marks the beginning of the existence of this house as a warehouse. On April 30, 1981 was made shares of companies was made with Arlindo Pereira da Rocha and Emilia Gonçalves Soares da Rocha, so it will be named "ROCHA & SOARES, LDA." In October of the same year, a new section of rectifications, encumbrances and around the services was created. In 1984, with the result of its growth, the first branch was established in the town of Ponte de Lima. In 1989, a new branch is located in Darque - Viana do Castelo, from January 1993 they created the third branch in Vila Verde. In 1994 the quadricycles of marketing began, best known for unlicensed cars, and their accessories. In 2005, he joined a new partner for the company, Nelson de Jesus Soares da Rocha. In 2010, work began on imports of large quantities of agricultural machinery and accessories for them. In 2014, Rocha & Soares Lda, moves to its new facilities next to the Corvos roundabout. In 2015 we began to represent brands NOSLEN and AITAC. The evolution and expansion of this business, due to the fact that we bet only brands of recognized prestige in the world, which guarantees the satisfaction of the most demanding customers. In view of this brief summary, we are sure that we will continue to be worthy of your preference and trust as well as your friends and acquaintances.

Main elements that we offer: All terrain vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, chainsaws, combines, sprayers, mowers, sprayers, bicycle hoes, we have accessory store for all previous machines, grinding, aluminum welding and other children's articles Routing, etc. .